RESTORE THE BALANCE // Blooming Dreamer x Talia Migliaccio

RESTORE THE BALANCE // Blooming Dreamer x Talia Migliaccio


The imagery put forth in this collaboration is a reminder to wake up.  We cannot continue to consume in a way that is blind to the ground upon which we stand, to the water which we drink & the air that we all breathe.

Though it may seem that we live independently from the world around us,  when we look deeply into our experience we can see that the line between our mental states, our words, our dollars and the world that we live in becomes indistinguishable.

Restoring the balance of our internal landscapes and the world we live in will require the insight of interconnection, we are not separate from our environment. It will require us to empty ourselves and return to the space of an open heart, fresh eyes and a beginners mind. 




Much love to Hannah Blurton of Blooming Dreamer who I’ve  worked with to bring this limited edition tee to fruition. With attention to sourcing, using natural dying techniques and sustainably sourced organic cotton this collaboration represents the intention of bringing mindfulness to the marketplace in our daily lives.

~ Words by // Talia Migliaccio